BIT.AC project was born from the synergy between Bitcoin fans and IT security professionals.


The launch was been  in April 2016 and, from the beginning, c reators have conceived the project as a sophisticated multi wallet characterized by the possibility of instant exchange between crypto currencies:

CLAMS (CLAM) – The DAO (DAO) – Dash (DASH) -Dogecoin (DUKE) -Ethereum (ETH) – Factom (FCT) – litecoin (LTC) – Namecoin (NMC) – Novacoin (NVC) – Peercoin (PPC) – Vericoin (VRC) – Vertcoin (VTC) – Worldcoin (WDC) – Monero (XMR)


The website hosts all the different currencies that our members can accumulate on DIGITALGAIN and allows you to manage and exchange hrough an intuitive and easy to use interface,

The service is flexible and practical, for example, customers can send Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies by e-mail!

BIT.AC offers the best exchange rates for users, so you can instantly convert your currency with the best rates available on the market.

We believe that the approach followed by BIT.AC, will revolutionize the way in which Bitcoin and other major currencies are used, for this reason and for the convenience of a single interface to manage all payment processes in DIGITALGAIN, we have implemented a payment system connected to BIT.AC directly from our platform.

For all DIGITALGAIN CHANNEL members  use our link to subscribe BIT.AC have many advantages:

  1. You can handle all currencies on a single multi wallet
  2. You can exchange currencies accumulated instantaneously and with advantageous conditions
  3. And, above all, you can withdraw the accumulated currencies without any fee application

Interesting it’snt?

We have tested for weeks BIC.AC and this service it is really simple and easy to use.

With BIT.AC, you will not need to register multiple accounts for different cryptocurrency and waste time with conferm expectations. Wallets allows users to make real-time exchanges “on the fly”.

The BIT.AC platform is constantly evolving and more currencies will be added in the future.

For Android smartphone users no problem, there is a downloadable App!

The BIT.AC registration is very easy, you just have to provide your email address and immediately receives another e-mail with instructions. The online account allows users to create individual portfolios for each cryptocurrency, then send and receive coins and conduct immediate exchanges

The platform is very safe, uses “cold storage” technology to protect servers from the risk of external intrusion.

Signup on BIT.AC using the DIGITALGAI referral code: