“HYIP 1-day” to gain in the shortest possible time. very high risk, way to lose money quickly, they are definitely not recommended in fainthearted except in rare exceptions. For amounts under $ 500, we always advised to not invest large sums in a single program, the risk not worth the gain. The basic interessse for a A1D with the input figure is the order of 2-2.5% and the risk of losing the capital to cash a couple of dollars is certainly not worth it, especially since that amount will also reduced from transaction fees.

Sometimes these programs offer also A3D and A5D options or even higher, to our experience, it’s better don’t invest over the 5 day period, there is a risk that some “optimistic” in the world entering with a $ 5-10,000 investment and at that point the admin, book the plane and go to Bermuda!


medium- and long-term programs, are programs where you get interest of 1-2% per day for 100 days or more, may or may not have time limits, may or may not have a maximum percentage of gain.


Are those programs that allow the withdrawal of the capital at any time, usually with the deduction of a percentage of 5-10%, sometimes but rarely without any commission


Programs in which you can invest only through the crypto-currency bitcoin, they usually have a formula with hourly interest, with interests that can fluctuate from 0.1 to 0.2% per hour.


New category that can be inserted into the BCT-ONLY, but that introduced major elements of interest. This new generation of HYIP Program fact the rim of Faucets gain logic, supported by ADS networks with that of high yield investments.
It is therefore necessary to any kind of investment to begin to accumulate Bitcoin, but simply the registration and the “Claim” on the internal Faucet.

Obviously, if you invest, you can increase the claim value and capacity of your account, or the amount in BTC cumulative maximum between a claim and the other. Another feature is the minimum amount to withdraw and the interval timebetween a withdraw and the next, these parameters varies depending on the project and the investment plan.

You can also accumulate extra income withholding the funds on the site, often in fact, these new programs at every midnight offer a daily bonus based on the amount.


Separate discussion needed on Sleepers. They have dedicated a specific post..