DASH (DRK – formerly known as Darkcoin and XCoin) was conceived as an alternative to Bitcoin from which is mainly different for the absolute anonymity features. It achieves this goal through Darksend, a protocol that creates an impenetrable mix of transactions before you send to corrected addresses. This prevents any attempt of tracking, thus making DASH similar to cash. Technically DASH is a Bitcoin fork, from this it follows that it’s easy adopt new applications designed to Bitcoin.

This effective feature of anonymity in transactions, needless to say, have often associated with this Altcoin to various criminal and terrorist activities.


The creator of DASH is Evan Duffield, Apple Developer software since he was 15 years old, passionate finance, economics and artificial intelligence. Before Darkcoin project worked in the field of search engine and learning algorithms for financial models.

It was January 18, 2014 when Evan announces the launch of Darkcoin (XCoin, at the time) on BitcoinTalk.


What makes it different from other Dash crypto coins, besides the aforementioned anonymity? DASH offers very fast transactions, even snapshots. The concept introduced, the peer-to-merchant, enabling transactions to be completed in seconds instead of minutes required for the Bitcoin network, not counting the times to obtain satisfactory confirmation. To get these risultai, DASH, uses a new protocol called InstantX, which operates by locking in no time preventing the transfer so the double expense.


DASH offers a better anonymity compared to Bitcoin thanks to Darksend, a system that produces a real mix of transactions making various payments indiscernible from one another. Anonymity, of course, is not always important for all users, but if we think of countries managed by totalitarian regimes in which you do not want to know what is done with his own money, this feature becomes important. However, regardless of why you would like your own absolutely private transactions, Darksend provides users full right to financial privacy.


Another concept introduced by Evan, the creator of DASH, is that of masternodes. A masternode can be hosted by anyone who comes into possession of 1,000 DASH (about 4000 USD) This amount represents a guarantee that discourage speculators from acquiring 51% of masternodes. The masternodes essentially perform duties on the DASH network, such as the mixing and distribution of payments by Darksend. Since this has a cost, the masternode hosts receive a percentage of the block premium. That’s right: investing on a masternode, you will earn dividends from each extracted block. The ROI on masternodes was approximately 14% a year, not bad given that basically nothing is done and keeps intact the capital of DASH 1,000 invested.

Moreover, masternodes actually creates a decentralized system of government. Possessing a masternode you can also participate in the voting on future projects, in a manner similar to what happens between a company and its shareholders.


The technological aspect of DASH, as previously explained, is certainly relevant, the development team has proven to be a real asset to the Crypto world. For example, the recently DASH team withdrew its aliases. This is not a step by little, as the community of the most coins have developers who hide behind their usernames without anyone knowing who they really are.


Predicting the future of long-term cryptocurrencies is difficult because of the speed of transformation of the sector, but it is reasonable to believe that DASH is a project destined to grow, and it is likely that the DASH could soon reach a much higher value of ‘ current.


To get a Dash-wallet online, you can use the following:

Dash Wallet


Here’s how to begin to set aside the first Dash:

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Some companies that offer cloud services to mining, are also providing X11, the Dash-generation algorithm. Particularly interesting, in terms of yield CLDmine the site, which, among other things gives the subscription and 10 in 1500 Doge Doge day. With an investment of around 70 euros, you will have about 6 Dash a month (at current valora approximately 20 Euro). The safest and anyway profitable way to gain DASH is open an account in HASHFLARE Cloud Mining.




Like other Altcoin, you can exchange Dash with other crypto-currencies, BTC, USD and Euros in many trading sites.