Through our channel, you can get attractive earnings in crypto currency. Do you have time to spend on online earnings? Well, then sit down and read everything you can do with us, we will certainly not change your lifestyle, but we offer our users many earning possibilities, see in detail:

Earn money with our FAUCET

This is micro gain, but remember that a crypto currency is subject to even large fluctuations and then an amount in crypto that today is worth a few cents of us dollar tomorrow could be worth 10 or 1000 times more. The DIGITALGAIN FAUCET is located within the PLAY CENTER, requires very little activity to get the CLAIM and you can request a new CLAIM after just 15 minutes;

Increase your wallet with “PROVABLY FAIR” games

Our PLAY CENTER works with a very low “House Edge”, currently 2%, this allows you to get quick profits with a risk of loss very close to parity with respect to the possible winnings. However, note that the PLAY CENTER is an entertainment site and not a profit-making one;

Earn with the HYIP projects

(N.B. if you do not know what the HYIP are, read the dedicated section on the Blog before continuing)
Although these are high-risk investments, investing using the DIGITALGAIN CHANNEL as a platform brings many advantages:

  • Choice of projects with better characteristics and concrete possibilities for financial success: each program in the listing is selected only after careful examination, furthermore all the projects we present contain an active investment made using our personal funds
  • Timely information: investing first means increasing the chances of success, in fact it is sure that a HYIP project stops paying after a shorter or longer period (days or years). We inform subscribers to the channel through emails describing the characteristics of each project; usually this happens within 12 hours after the official launch of the program. “Sleeper” projects are an exception for which it is advisable to wait a certain number of weeks before investing;
  • Get 100% of the RCB (ref back): DIGITALGAIN CHANNEL fully recognizes the commission that the programs offer to those who invite new investors successfully, usually it is a one-time fee of 2-10% on the amount invested;
  • DIGITALGAIN INVESTMENT POOL: joining our pool of investors is immediate, free and does not imply any obligation; here you see how the pool works and what benefits it offers investors. In this article I limit myself to remembering that being part of the pool allows you to get even 100% of the losses incurred in every online investment;

Earn crypto as a blogger

Are you passionate about crypto currencies and already write for a/your blog? Now you have the opportunity to share on our blog your reviews and articles, you will be listed as an author with the ability to insert direct links. DIGITALGAIN CHANNEL supports and pays for the activities on the blog, the requirements are that it is maintained consistency with the topics covered (Articles, posts and reviews on everything related to the crypto, in particular: e-currency, HYIP, ICO, Cloud Mining, Wallet, Trading, Landing, Blockchain Technologies, Micro gain) and that the proposed contents are originals. The fee for each article approved and published ranges from 10 to 30 US dollars (payment paid in crypto)

Earn money as a web developer and / or web designer

If you are a technical web developer or a web graphic designer, contact us, you will be able to join our working group by receiving compensation in crypto currency

Earn as a translator

We often ask for translations of reviews and articles, if your primary language one of  these: Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Hindi, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and you are familiar with translating articles from English, contact us and you can be compensated in crypto for every translation you will make