Hello Taras,

I know that you are often on the other side of the interview, asking questions to HYIP administrators or some HYIP field related persons, so I hope that this can be a new and nice experience for you.

First of all, I want to ask you why you started dealing about the HYIP galaxy, this industry so unpredictable.

When I was a student, I earned my startup capital and started to cherish the idea of investments.

At that time I got interested most of all in investments on the Internet – HYIPs, PAMM accounts. I started to invest, investigate thoroughly, analyze. At the beginning it was difficult, but later my results got better and better with each passing day.

I know that the BLOG PROFVEST is busy most of your time, can you tell us something more about you, hobby, business or what do you else do in life?

Besides the blog, I’m engaged in other online and offline businesses. As for offline, these are different areas, retail shops with various goods.

Saunas, hookahs, wine, chess, traveling are among my hobbies – online business gives a free hand, I can afford it 🙂 Different business meetings. Sometimes I play computer games 🙂

What is better – offline or online business?

Online business offers more money, freedom of action and prospects. However, both of them are required for diversification.

Every day there are many HYIP investment proposals, how you select the programs to attend?

In most cases we try to work with tried and true admins. We always ask questions, analyze answers, in other words we have a chat before adding to the blog. We use insurance to protect investors.

Around the NET, there are HYIP monitors and BLOGs, in what PROFVEST is different and maybe unique?

🙂 Perhaps, to some extent. There are articles written for several days to make the material unique and useful. Regular contests, monthly prize pools amount to $500-3,000. We always working to increase this amount. Both we and HYIP admins are sponsors. We endeavor to keep up with the times and devise something new) You can come across many moments and ideas developed by us in CIS blogs and monitors.

What are the programs types that you like most?

I like ‘fast-projects’, when the duration of an investment plan is 1-10 days. Risks are the same that low-profit plans presuppose, but everything is faster.

I think the next question may affect many readers, some say that HYIPs are more similar to Gambling than an investment, do you think that with a good strategy and diversifying the portfolio, can we have a decent income with HYIPS?

Yes, I think it can be called active investment. It is not simple, but it is possible. You should always analyze trend plans, understand who is admin there, if he experienced or it is his first project. Follow project promotion on the Internet. Know resources on which you can find experienced good admins. Always bear diversification in mind.

This question is related to the previous one, how a balanced investment portfolio HYIP should be composed?

I can only speak for our blog.

One part – in insured projects  another one – in category ‘Leaders’ , a smaller part – in ‘Candidates’ and an even smaller part for categories1 and categories2 .

We like to host in our monitor some so-called “sleep” or “sleepers”, can tell us some trick to distinguish the “real” ones from those that are just born to cheat?

We add “sleepers” from the admins we know and who could prove their efficiency and commitment. We always motivate admins to come to us being not anonymous. That’s all tricks)

We are approaching the end of 2017, what can we expect in the field of HYIP industry in the 2018?

Today crypto currency is on trend. More likely, it will stay with us for some time. It is difficult to say something in the long view, everything moves in a spiral. Everything old is new again.

Thank you Taras for your time and valuable advice. I hope that work with you in synergy will bring the expected results for all Digital Gainers!