Faucets are websites that let earn bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

Normally, from a claim and the next, you need to wait, the wait can be from few seconds to several hours.

The only thing to do before earning small amounts of bitcoins (known as Satoshi) is a wallet (portfolio) bitcoin. You can learn the basics about Bitcoin here. Faucets are a great way to enter theBitcoin-Business‘, because you can learn:

  • How the bitcoin work;
  • How to create a bitcoin wallet;
  • Familiarize yourself with the smallest sub-multiple of Bitcoin, the Satoshi. In fact, normally a faucet pay in Bitcoin Satoshi, a Satoshi corresponds to 0.00000001 Bitcoin.

What’s a Bitcoin Satoshi
As told, most of the web sites or faucets applications offer Bitcoin as Satoshi. A Satoshi is a hundredth of a millionth of ฿. The equation is the following:

1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 ฿

The name “Satoshi” derives from the alleged inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. The bitcoincommunity tribute in this way to Satoshi Nakamoto dedicating to him the smallest sub-unit of Bitcoin.

How work a Faucet?
The faucets business model is as follows:

  • some kind of advertising;
  • Faucet Admin pays you to watch the ADS;
  • Admin earns by ADS;
  • Both the Admin and the user, they get rewards for what they do.

Who uses faucets?
Faucets can be used by anyone on Internet (though rarely there are restrictions for certain countries).

As told above, it’s recommended primarily for bitcoin-starters. Many people stop using them actively after the first cash-out, this is due to the fact that you can not live with this method. From our tests, with a “working day”, an experienced user can earn from 2 to 4 $, however, if what you earn with faucets may not sound like much to those who live in European countries or the United States, for those who come from countries with weaker economies, few dollars in a day can mean a lot. Here you can see what are the minimum wage for each country (Wikipedia).


Be careful to disable ADS Blockers, remember that all the faucets generate income showing commercials. So, if the blocker is active, they do not generate anything for which they do not pay you anything.


Although typically the faucets are sufficiently safe, do not use the same password to decrypt the wallet and to access the faucets. Why not? There are website owners who use methods to steal passwords and try to defraud or rob.


The Ref-Link is a mode that allows you to get passive income to a UPLINER, the UPLINER is the one who usually suggests a good faucet. In practice, the ref-link is generated by inserting the faucet behind the URL syntax with the upliner address wallet .

This is a typical syntax of Ref-link: http://sito-faucet?r=upliner_wallet

What are Faucets Lists and Rotators

These are websites that allow you to quickly go through the different Faucets. This means maximizing profits, as you’ll be able to visit many Faucets at the maximum possible speed. The list and the Rotator save time and sometimes provide a service on the effective monitoring proper functioning of each faucet.

The Digitalgain Faucets

This is the list:








To find other excellent faucets,  you can use Faucets List or the Rotators (personally we prefer Lists). For example, our Faucet Lists have one characteristic: they show on head some “premium” faucets,  a list of faucets tested and actually profitable: our Faucets List are dedicated to all the main crypto-currency, here the full list: